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The Anything Is Possible Tour's Mission is:

To inspire and empower people, especially young people, to live up to their greatest potential and realize that they can do anything.

This tour will raise a minimum of $6,000,000 for some Charity.

Arnold's Message:

My life time mission has been “To inspire and empower people to live up to their greatest potential”.  I have had this mission since the age of 12.  I have seen so many people who just cannot see that they have so much potential inside of themselves.  I want to help them know that they just need to find some way to realize that potential.  I have always felt that I am a tool, an example for others.  People see what I can do, then they realize that if a guy like Arnold can do that, then they can do whatever it is that is challenging them.

I have a simple philosophy:  Everyone (and I mean everyone!) is handicapped.  For most people, these handicaps are invisible, but they stop people from accomplishing their missions in life.  I strongly believe that every handicap can be overcome.  This is my message that I need to get out to people: Every handicap can be overcome. The trick is to identify your handicap and figure out a way around that handicap.  One of my talents is helping people to think outside of their boxes.  I help them see that it is our handicaps that make us unique. It is our handicaps that stop us from living to our fullest potential, but it is often in overcoming these handicaps that we discover our greatest gifts.

People need to see that ordinary people can do extraordinary feats.  I am just an ordinary person that learned that every handicap can be overcome. It is ironic.  I am a great motivational speaker, although I have speech impairments.  I always leave my audience wanting more.  I use life stories, jokes, and a unique outlook on life to teach people.

I have a favorite saying, which is “What goes around, picks up speed.”  What this means is that what you give, you will get more of.  I just love helping people.  I get such a great feeling of happiness and wellbeing when someone comes up to me and tells me they are living their mission because of seeing what I can do.

One more thing:  I do not quit, EVER.  I have known for a long time that this bike tour was going to happen.  I feel this right down to the depths of my soul.  I was put on the earth to help people, and through my example of doing the bike tour, I believe I will help the maximum number of people to see their own potential.   




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