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Arnold is looking for a charity that is all across North America. To help with setting up public relation events in the cities where Arnold is going to be cycling through.

Arnold wants this charity to set up scholarship for people with handicap going on to post-secondary education.

Arnold wants this scholarship to cover tuition, the cost of needed scribes and any equipment (computer, input devices etc.). This scholarship can be ongoing if the scholar meets several requirements.

The requirements are as following:

  • Passing grades
  • At least 10-20 volunteer hours per month
  • Be ready to be a mentor to other handicap students after them

When Arnold was going to the university, he was volunteering 40 hours a week and taking a full load of courses. He was on countless number of committees on and off campus.  

Arnold believes that education is the key to overcoming every handicap. Education opens people doors to the world. With an education, the phrase "Anything Is Possible" is accurate and true.  

Arnold also believes that you must each give back of what you receive.   He coined a saying "whatever goes around picks up speed", which means, whatever you give you will receive more.

If you know of any national Charity (that are in both Canada and United States), please contact the Communications Coordinator.





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