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Arnold's Weight DROP

On August 8th, Arnold went to finalize preparations for his sky-diving event, and he kind of hit a big wrinkle. It turned out that Arnold was a little heavy for the instructor to take him up! Because of his C.P. and how his body works, the instructor wasn’t comfortable with his weight.
You know Arnold, he doesn’t give up easily, so he negotiated with the instructor for a weight that he would be comfortable with.

Well, Arnold needs to get down to 140 pounds, that is the instructor’s comfortable weight for Arnold to be. This means Arnold needs to loose around 65 pounds. The sky-diving company stops jumping on Thanksgiving weekend, and doesn’t start up until May next year again. Which means Arnold has a little under 62 days to get his weight down so he still can jump this year. Arnold decided to turn this wrinkle in to a positive opportunity to demonstrate the whole philosophy of the Anything Is Possible Tour, and to show you that he really believes in what he preaches: Anyone can do anything if they really want to. And because of Arnold’s entrepreneur spirit, he sees how he can kill two or three birds with one stone

First, to show people how Arnold is dedicated to this project (Anything Is Possible Tour). And it is true, you can do anything that you truly want.

Second, Arnold’s bike needs money. He has put over 16 grands of his own money. Most of it is borrowed. He needs help. He needs money. The trike is taking longer than he had expected. In reality Arnold needs to hire a second guy to help with fabricating. There are so many one-of-a-kind parts on this bike, and his bike-builder has a full-time job, and he has his own life to live too. He needs assistance to get the bike done in a timely manner.

Arnold’s idea is to have a 50/50 draw: It would cost $5 to enter, and you could win half of what it brought in. Arnold’s goal is to sky-dive by 10th of September, but this is a real challenge! To win the draw, people will have to guess the closest to the date and time right down to the minute of when he steps out of the plane to sky-dive. By the way, Arnold is saying that he is GOING TO SKY-DIVE!!! It is only a matter of which day and time!!

Well Arnold is happy to announce that on October 9, 2011 at 12:10 PM, Arnold went skydiving!  In 62 days, Arnold had lost over 65 Pounds.  On the day of the jump, Arnold weighed 141.4!  They really did not think that Arnold would never get even haft way.  Although Arnold did not get to the weight of 140, they said that he was closed enough and took him up on the last jump day.  Arnold said that he had made one mistake in his weight dropped undertaking.  Arnold thought that Thanksgiving was the on October 17, and not on the 10th.  Arnold was on target to be under 140 for October 17.

To give you an idea of what Arnold had to do to lose over 65 pounds, in 62 days.  Arnold did not eat any carbohydrates, no protein, no fruit, no meat at all.  All Arnold eat for two months, was vegetables.  All Arnold drank was water and cucumber juice.  Arnold did not want to eat any food that build muscles.  Muscles weigh three times more than fat.  Arnold biked four hours/day, everyday.  In 62 days, Arnold biked every single day.  Arnold's last week, Arnold fasted for six days rile biking for four hours per day.  this has been one of hardest thing that Arnold had done to date.  Arnold had no doubts at all.  He knew that he was going to do it.  Although almost everybody told him that he couldn't do it, Arnold knew that he could do it.  Arnold believe that if people who had just believe in themselves more, more people would accomplish more of their dreams.  It really does not matter what other people think.  It only matter what you think.  If you think that you can do it, then you will do it.  It might be the hardest thing that you have done, but you will do it.  

The winner of the 50/50 will be announced in a couple weeks.  There are sheets with names of people all over Edmonton, it will take some time to gather them all up.    

Free draw: A person has donated a 1977 SUZUKI GT500 to the Anything Is Possible Tour. It is in mint condition, and Steve is going to re-paint the whole bike to make it look like it walked out of the assembly line. Because of money issues and time issues, the Anything Is Possible Tour is not yet a registered charity. So we can’t have a raffle. So we have decided to have a free draw. And whoever donates $5 or more to the Anything Is Possible Tour, they will be automatically entered. You can donate by sending the money to the address below and mark Free Draw, or you can use the donation
page when you click here: . This is new feature.  Now you can be anywhere in the world and still donations to the Anything Is Possible Tour!   
Now you are up-to-date with my plans for sky-diving and the Anything Is Possible Tour.
When Arnold says Anything Is Possible, Arnold doesn’t mean anything is easy!!!
If you really truly want to do something, it doesn’t mean you need to do it alone! You can get help. Someone said "Together We Can Go Far".

Please pass this page to everybody you know!  Thank you very much!  
To enter the FREE draw for the Suzuki bike (with a donation of $5 or more), please fill in and send:

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