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 Arnold's Blind Dog (Duke)

     Duke is a sheba enu. Arnold rescued him from the SPCA. Duke was an abused dog and at times Duke can be a handful to control. But Arnold believes that it was faith that Duke came into his life. The exact day that Arnold decided to get a dog he received a phone call about Duke in Calgary, Alberta. At the time Arnold was about to move from Red Deer to Edmonton, Alberta. To this day Arnold can't quite figure out why he had that phone call. From the second Duke saw Arnold he came right up to the wheel chair and put his paw on Arnold's knee. You got to realize for the first minutes dogs are scared of wheelchairs. But not Duke. Arnold was amazed how quickly he learned how to walk with chair. This was two years ago, in October.
     In August of 2004, Duke developed glaucoma in his right eye, so Arnold had it taken out. In October that same year, Duke developed glaucoma in the left eye, too. Through a lot of soul searching Arnold had his left eye taken out instead of putting Duke to sleep. The vet told Arnold that a dog going blind is harder on the owner than on the dog. It seems that he was right, because after a week Duke was back to relatively normal. He was around the appartment like he could see. It is amazing how he can follow a person. You would swear he could see them. He does everything then any other dogs. Duke loves to run. Before Duke went blind Arnold used to take him for a run with his trike every day. In August, Arnold started to take Duke again for running. Duke always amazes Arnold how he knows exactly when Arnold is turning. Arnold is always aware of hazards like drains or deep holes in the street where Duke can get his legs cought in. Arnold always goes wide so Duke can never hit these unseen dangers.
     A little about the character of a sheba enu dog: they are not a dog, they are a cat in a dog body. They have the attitude of a cat. You don't really own a cat; they own you. They do stop when they want to and not when you want to. The sheba enu own everything. And everything is theirs. For example: Duke sleeps with Arnold, so this makes the bed Duke's. In the morning, sometimes Duke has taken three quarters of the space! Oh well, that is how it goes when you own a sheba enu.
     People are asking Arnold if he is going to take Duke on the tour. Arnold really doesn't know, because Duke hates change. He really gets quite cranky when people change HIS WORLD. Arnold is thinking that there will be too much change for Duke every day, so right now, Arnold is thinking of finding someone that will take Duke in untill he gets back. Unfortunately, Duke, Arnold's best friend and companion, died in August of 2012!  Arnold will really mess duke!



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