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In 2004 Arnold met this guy at a workshop. We hit it off immediately. He was an engineer and Arnold happened to have his trike with him, showed this guy the trike and that guy was amazed. After that workshop was over they became great friends.

When Arnold decided to do the Anything Is Possible Tour, Arnold knew that he required a new trike. He knew that his old trike would never work for many reasons. It was 18 years old, really heavy (over 80 pounds). How Arnold had to steer was to put his two arms straight in front of him and crossed his arms, and hold on to the steering bar. To steer it he had to man-handle the steering bar side to side. The problem with this position, when you cross your arms it puts pressure on your rip cage. It was really difficult to get a deep breath.

Arnold was talking to this guy and he happened to mention that he needed a new trike. That guy said, he could build it. Arnold told him that the trike had to be done by June, so he could have a month to get used to the new trike before the mini-tour. That guy agreed. It was around ten months. There was a lot of discussions on which way to go, two wheels on the front and one wheel on the back or stick with the old configuration, or one wheel on the front two wheels on the back. Arnold wanted two wheels on the front for two major reasons:

It would only need one drive-wheel which would really simplify the drive mechanic.

You can make the two wheels angle when you turn in to a corner and it would almost self-centre itself, which means that it would go straight by itself.

That guy wanted to go with the old configuration because it was already done. He could just take Arnold’s old trike and use it as template. By now a couple of months had gone by, and Arnold agreed only to get started. That guy lived in Calgary and Arnold lived in Edmonton. Arnold was too trusting and too patient. After seven months had gone by, nothing was done at all. So Arnold came up with a plan, Arnold would buy a trike frame from a company in the States. So this guy would only need to build the seat and put Arnold’s trike together, and figure out the steering system. Arnold had already given him drawings on how the steering system would work. Yet in the meantime this guy was having money difficulties that he had not mention. So he wasn’t actually working on the new trike.


A month and a half before the mini-tour Arnold went to Calgary to see the new trike and to try it out. Arnold knew that there would be a million tiny adjustments to be made, but he was shocked to just see a trike frame on three wheels with a frame of seat - no head control, no break, no drive chain. That guy saw Arnold’s panic look on the face and told Arnold he was taking a month holiday to work on the trike, and he guaranteed it would be done. Arnold told him if he can’t get it done he needed to tell Arnold now, because we needed to change the steering system on the old bike and make the head control. Again the guy guaranteed Arnold, and Arnold trusted him.

Well, a week before the mini-tour Arnold went to Calgary again to do the final adjustments. What a mess! Arnold got on the trike and pedaled one time, and the drive shaft broke. The drive shaft is what transfers power from the gear to the two back wheels. Arnold knew he was in deep shit!

Arnold had two options:

Cancel the mini-tour until a later date probably next spring, in which the whole Anything Is Possible Tour would be in jeopardy.

Or Arnold could use his old trike.

The Anything Is Possible Team was having major issues!

A week before the mini-tour we had to fire the manager. We were having money issues and somehow Arnold’s vision got lost! The whole team was on the verge of falling apart. So Arnold knew, the only real option was to use his old trike.

Well, Arnold had to quit.

It was better to try again with a new trike rather than dying on the old trike.

Arnold learned a lot from the whole process and the second time around will be totally different.

Most people fail to realize that it is o.k. to fail the first time. That is how you learn and get stronger. With this new trike build Arnold already set up mandatory meetings every week with his trike builder. We are already ahead of where that guy from Calgary was, and it had been only three weeks. The new trike will happen! Keep tuning in on our process!

Remember, when you fail – learn from your failure and keep trying!




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