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The Fourth Trike

Arnold used to keep his trike on a little trailer in the back of his apartment. One day Arnold went out to take a trike ride and boom! No trike! Someone stole Arnoldís trike!

Arnold phoned the police and they came, and they did the report. A couple of days later a reporter came and did a newspaper article, and then a week later the police found the trike. But unfortunately the kids who took the trike trashed it, the trike became unrideable.

Arnold was heartbroken.

They didnít only trash the trike, but they trashed Arnoldís freedom with it!

So Arnold contacted the trike builder, and he made a deal to get the trike fixed. It used to have an ATM deferential in the back for the two wheels. Arnold always hated this because it got stuck really easily. Arnold asked the guy if he could get him a posy drive, and he said "yes". He even asked Arnold if Arnold wanted him to set the back wheels on an angle for more stability when going around corners, and Arnold said "yes". Big mistake! Because Arnold couldnít keep the drive chain on the two wheels. In the end Arnold needed to get someone else to take out that angle. But it took years to find a person who could do that.

After the mini-tour failed Arnold decided to prove to people that he could control a trike with his head. People said he could never do that, so Arnold did it! He turned his trike from a hand-steering to a head-steering, and proved once again that Anything Is Possible.

You only need the will to do it!

The old trike turned out to be like his first trike. Arnold had to prove that he could ride on a trike, so he made his first trike. And now that Arnold proved every major system works, it is time to build his crown jewel or his masterpiece.




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