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Arnold has no real control over his hands. He is unable to do the basic things with his hands, like writing, typing etc. Arnold uses what he calls a "headstick" to do almost everything. He can work his phone, his entertainment system and most important – his computer, and he has gotten 2 degrees, many jobs and awards by using his ‘headstick".

A "headstick" is exactly what it sounds like. It is a stick that Arnold wears on his head.

One day Arnold was asked to attend a workshop, and in the evening they had some kind of entertainment. One evening they brought in a whole pile of percussion instruments for everyone. They all said Arnold couldn’t play one. Big mistake! Never tell Arnold "he can’t do certain things!" – because he will always do it! He got his "headstick" and taped a drum merit to the end of his "headstick", and proceeded to drum all night long!

Everyone was amazed; Arnold had rhythm and taught them that there are many ways of doing everything. The only trick is figuring out the way.  It turned out to be a great night!

The only downfall with the "headstick", is, that it is incredibly slow. It is like you typing with one finger. On a good day Arnold can type 8 words a minute, but his average is 6 words a minute.  Arnold knows that the site is basic, but there is only so many hours in a day. Arnold is organizing this tour all by using this "headstick".  

Arnold had a choice, he can make a tiny web site that looks modern with every bell and whistle, but it would have no content due to the time it would take to build it. Arnold also would need to pay another grand for the software he would need.  So Arnold made a conscious decision to build a well working site with lots of content, in order people can see what Arnold sees.

When you get down to the basic, this whole tour is to help as many people as it can.  Arnold’s whole life is dedicated to helping people, that every handicap can be overcome.

Remember, the web site is only one tiny piece of what has to get done, in order to make the Anything Is Possible Tour into reality.

If you really think about it, it is amazing what one guy wearing a stick on his head can do!

Just imagine what YOU can do!





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