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As you will see while you go through the different trike versions, you will see how each trike improved from the last version.  Arnold always has money issues, and he always had to settle for less. This new trike he is building, Arnold decided not to settle for anything, he knows what he needs and wants. 

The new trike will be State Of The Arts. Arnold will be inventing things that other people would be able to use.  Who knows, by the time Arnold is finished people will want a trike like his. Remember, one of the criteria for this trike, is, that Arnold can go in any bike shop in America and get any piece or part that he may need.

Unfortunately, these all cost money. You can see how much by clicking:  Cal to Ed Mini Tour Budget

The Trike will cost over $42,000  to build.  Click Bike Budget for more information.  

Please support Arnold in his endeavour and donate with whatever you can.



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