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 On August 8th Arnold just got his old trike back from Steve, who is the person he always goes to, to fix it. For months Arnold had been thinking about trying to get the Anything Is Possible Tour going again. There has been something missing in Arnold’s soul. He and Steve were chewing the fat (talking) and something snapped. Right then Arnold decided he has to try the tour again. It is hard to explain, but he just has to try again!

So Arnold knew he needed a new trike, and he came right out and asked Steve if he was interested. Arnold also read Steve the riot act. He has to do it on Arnold’s way, and he has to get Arnold’s o.k. on everything.

The plan is to make two trikes – one is only a mock-up, this trike has one purpose. It is to get everything positioned perfectly. If something needs to be moved, all we do is cut it off and move it. It is like Arnold’s first trike, ugly, heavy, with used parts.

The second one will be state of arts, every part will be high end and light. The frame will be aluminium , super light, super strong.

A week after Steve agreed. Arnold went out and bought him $ 4000 worth equipment and material. That week we had diagrams. The same week Steve made room in his workshop for the trike project. We are on our way!

You can watch the project! Arnold will be uploading pictures every couple of weeks to keep you informed. But what we really need right now is money. Arnold’s credit cards took a big hit. We need you to help keep this project moving ahead!

Another thing we need is manpower to get the tour going and organized.

Right now Arnold is doing everything and is feeling overwhelmed. This is a huge undertaking!

The Trike will cost over $66,100  to build.  Click Bike Budget for more information.  


If you can, please help us in any way you are able to.




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