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On October 5, we had the Hip Hop Into Fall Dance. To be truthful it was not attended too well. Unfortunately, no one on the dance committee thought to check that date for; football game, hockey game or even churches conferences. We originally wanted to have the dance on September 21, first day of fall, hence the name "Hip Hop Into Fall Dance". First, the committee could not find a DJ for that date. To make long story sort, the October 5, was the first weekend that worked for everybody. That Saturday happened to be the Edmonton Eskimo big game to stay in running for the Gray Cup. Then it turned out that evening there was an Edmonton Oils game. To top off the bad luck, Arnold's church had their conference on the same weekend. It was just a piece of bad luck all around. 

The dance its self was great. The DJ Lee was excellent, There was only about 20 people who came. This meant that there was all kinds of room on the dance floor. This was fantastic for Arnold because he had room to swing his wheelchair around. There was a woman who came. She had no inhibitions toward the chair. It was like they were in the movie "Dirty Dancing". It was like the wheelchair wasn't there. At one point early in the night, Arnold asked a friend the new the woman if she was taken, and she was. So Arnold just danced with her. At a dance with the loud music, it is really hard for Arnold to communicate with strangers. Arnold didn't even get her name. Arnold had to laugh, Arnold absolutely loves to dance, but he doesn't get many opportunities to do it. Because Arnold quit drinking back in 85, so there are not many places where Arnold can go except bars. Arnold doesn't like that scene. So when Arnold gets the opportunity to dance, he takes full advantage of it. Arnold just don't stay still. When he is not checking on things, making sure everything is running smoothly, Arnold is on the dance floor. This woman that was dancing with Arnold would need to go sit down every two or three dances. And stay out for two or three dances. She would keep telling Arnold that he was killing her. Everyone thought it was funny, Arnold was at least 15 years older this woman, but he could out dance her and everyone else. It must be all that training the Arnold does every week. They danced together until she and his boyfriend left. There are a couple of dances that were recorded.. Check them out. 

There was one strange thing happened at the dance. Two ghosts decided to show up. One minute they weren't there and the next minute they were. They were really, really friendly. A little too friendly. They would not leave people alone. Arnold thinks that the dance was held too close to Halloween. The Hip Hop Into Fall Dance was kind of a warm up for their biggest night of the year, Halloween. If you don't believe us, please look at the pictures and see yourselves. 

Although, the Hip Hop Into Fall Dance was not a financial success, everyone who came, had a fantastic time. Not everything works the first time, and you know what, this is life. When something doesn't work and its important, then you learn from your mistakes and try again. Arnold just says, Although Anything Is Possible, it will not be easy! The Anything Is Possible Tour Team is NOT finished. We just began to fight. The trike is almost ready for road testing. We will have more fund raisers. The next fund raiser is the Edmonton Motorcycle Show on January 17-19 2014. we will have a workable and rideable trike prototype. So come to the Edmonton Motorcycle Show and see the miracles that we are doing! 




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