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Arnoldís exercise schedule for the week

Arnold has his old trike in his apartment up on a trainer. He had the front end cut off in order to make the trike fret in his small apartment. On the drive wheel, he has a riister. A rester put fiction on to the wheel to make it harder to pedal. The rester has 7 settings, ranging from a easy bike rideon a flat road, to a road with a steep grade. Arnold has the rester always set on number 7 (the hardest setting) all the time. Arnold has 9 gears on the trike. So he can make the pedaling even harder by shifting into a higher gear. Arnold wants to work his way up in the gears. He can last for 4 hours in 4th gear. Arnold is hoping to be only using 9th gear by the time he can get out on his new trike.

Arnold cycles 6 days at week. On Monday, Wednesday Friday, Arnold starts cycling at 10:30 - 11:00 and cycles until 1:30. He then gets ready to catch the 2:06 Bus to the Gym. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Arnold starts cycling at 11:00 and goes until 4:00 - 5:00. Than he does his Oblique crunches, 5 sets..

When Arnold goes to the gym, he does each exercises 4 sets. A set is the number of rips (times) a person does an exercise. Arnold does 11 rips per set. On the 11th rip, Arnold gets someone to, what he calls pinning, the weight to hold the tension of the weights off his arms. This way Arnold can rest between sets without having to unhook his arms after every set. 
All exercises that Arnold does, he had to figure out the best way do them for him. Arnold went to the Gym, and watch people working out. There are always people with their own trainer, so Arnold would study these people more carefully to learn the correct way to do the exercise. Arnold then had been adapt their way of moving, to the way his body moves. Arnold designed and made, a couple of pieces of equipment to enable him to do more and difference exercises. Arnold does 11 exercises in total. Over haft of the exercises are for one arm at a time. The number of sets that Arnold does is 48. Arnold does this all in 2 1/5 hours. Arnold as designed the exercise schedule to minimize the times that he as to move his wheelchair. This save time. 

The Gym that Arnold goes to is called Saville Community Sports Centre, in Edmonton. Arnold is empress with the number of machines that they have. They are really aware of people with handicaps, and go out their way to answer questions that you may have with my work out. There are a good number of people with handicaps go on a regal bases. When Arnold goes to the gym, there are 5 people with handicaps that are regals. Everybody knows everyone, so they joke around with each other. This really help on those days which you just donít feel like working out. They keep each other going. 
The following is a list of exercises and the number of pounds that he does, that Arnold does at the gym and at home. You can click on them to see pictures and a short video on each exercise. The videos are only for one set.

These pictures and videos were taken in April of 2013.





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