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Help do the Impossible:
Send Arnold on a 18,000 KM
Bike ride around North America!

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People have told Arnold that it was IMPOSSIBLE to ride a trike!  So Arnold designed his own trike, and proved them wrong!  Now people are telling that Arnold can't ride 18,000 kilometres and go right around North America.  Help Arnold  prove that "Anything Is Possible"  is 100 percent true.  Arnold has spent his whole life showing and teaching people that they can do anything they want to.  Now Arnold would like to teach the masses this principal.  

Arnold needs your help!  You can help by making a donation.  Donations can take many different forms.  You can donate: your time, talents and gifts.  You can donate services and/or  products.  If you want, you can donate much needed money!  How ever you decide to make a donation, you will become a member of the Anything Is Possible Tour Team, and you will be doing the Impossible!  

Arnold has a simple philosophy:  Everyone is handicapped.  For most people, these handicaps are invisible, but they stop people from accomplishing their missions in life.  Arnold strongly believes that every handicap can be overcome.  This is the message that Arnold needs to get out to people: "Every handicap can be overcome..."

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